About Us

Kildoag Pottery was founded by Ursula Mc Givern and Adrian Brothers. Both hands-on-potters whose current work is focused on the development of unique pieces using alternative firing processes such as Naked Raku, and Saggar firing.

Most of the work is wheel–formed using a mixture of clay bodies which will withstand the thermal shock of the firing process. The thrown forms are simple contours which are left to dry before coating with several layers of Terra Sigillata slip and polished to create a smooth surface prior to bisque firing.

During the Raku process the four elements of nature, Earth, Fire, Air and Water integrate combining clay with glazes and oxides to produce something unique and exciting. The pots are fired one at a time, each having it’s own individual character and decoration that will never be repeated, ensuring an absolutely unique product and style.

Originally qualified as a fine artist Adrian treats the surface of his work as as a canvas. He says of his ceramics, “ The poetry of the landscape, human form, atmosphere and mood continues to drive my work. Whereas the science and technique inherent in the making and firing process are fundamental, the wild unpredictable nature of Raku continues to surprise and astonish me. There is no magic in predictability. The process of Raku is dynamic, combining the essence of organic materials with the raw power of the elements, the fury of fire and the grace of the Almighty.”

Ursula is drawn to the challenges of the wheel, the physicality of throwing and transforming a piece of clay into something new. Her forms tend towards simple shapes combining function with aesthetic considerations. She finds the most rewarding part of the making process is successful experimenting with glazes and firing. Subtle variations in glaze finish are inevitable, as well as desirable, and give each pot its own particular nuance and character.